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Update:July 9, 2009

JICA Training Three Courses Joint Exchange Party Held

A JICA Training Three Courses Joint Exchange Party was held. In the morning of June 28, under a sky threatening rain, we left for Yokkaichi Sports Land together with 24 training participants (from 23 countries) on 3 courses; “Integrated Management of Solid Waste for Administrators”, “Environmental Management Technology in the Chemical Industry” and “Training personnel in charge of the Kyoto Mechanism Project”. 1)Even though it was early in the morning, the cheerful mood of the training participants was already sky-high. On arrival at the day camp site, preparations for a barbecue began without delay. The preparations were over in a twinkling with everyone helping to cut vegetables or concoct original barbecue sauces (dip) of their countries and areas. At last, the long-awaited barbecue began. They all seemed to be well accustomed to barbecuing. Meat and vegetables were deftly grilled and tucked away with relish amid singing and dancing. Although they had never tasted fried soba noodles or rice balls, these delicacies went down very well with the training participants.
After eating their fill they began playing soccer with some children who were visiting the camp site. They chased after the ball with great enthusiasm, all thoughts of training banished from their minds.
Earlier on the sky had been threatening rain at any moment, but it was bright and sunny by the time they were playing soccer. Everyone did their bit to clean up and carry stuff. The party went off swimmingly with a lively spirit from beginning to end.
Unfortunately, they were not able to experience home stay in this training. However, we hope this party was one welcome addition to the enjoyable memories of their time here.

Skilled chefs to a man.

Playing soccer with local children.

Take a big bite!