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Update:July 22, 2009

FY2009 JICA Group Training “Environmental Management Technology in the Chemical Industry” Course completed

ICETT ran a group training course “Environmental Management Technology in the Chemical Industry” commissioned by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) following the schedule laid out below. The course was successfully completed. We appreciate the cooperation of those who contributed to the training including the lecturers, companies, JICA and JICE.

(1) Training Period

June 3 (Wed) – July 17 (Fri), 2009

(2) Training participants

6 training participants from 6 countries; China, India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tunisia, and Viet Nam.

(3) Outline of the training

The purpose of this training was to contribute to advancement of the petrochemical industry and environmental conservation in developing countries. This was done by introducing the latest trends in technology and know-how concerning environmental management technology in the petrochemical and other chemical industries. Moreover, learning about the ideas and methods necessary for co-existence of economy and environment was given due attention. Also the conditions around the chemical industry and latest issues are studied, including introduction of information of how Japan and other countries are grappling with international agreements concerning safe management of chemicals, aiming at contributing to the solution to environmental problems in the participants’ countries, by promoting their understanding. The training included lectures by experts in each respective field and inspection tours. During the training period, the training participants helped each other and attended the lectures in a respectful manner toward the lecturers. They asked a lot of enthusiastic questions, which were received favorably by the lecturers.
In addition, the training participants experienced the tea ceremony and also a barbecue to understand the culture and lifestyle of Japan. At the barbecue, friendly exchange was made through conversation with the adjoining groups and playing soccer with some local children. Furthermore, they were eager to use the expressions learnt in the Japanese language class, both immediately in the classroom and in free time. Finally, the training participants went home in good spirits, determined to make good use of what they had learnt in Japan.

(4) Comments from the training participants

Lectures, inspection tours

The lecturers gave lively lectures. They tried hard for us to understand within the limited time. Every enterprise puts an emphasis on social responsibility.


The Public transportation system is well developed. The city is clean. It is a country with history and culture.


They are kind. They are polite. They offer their seats to elderly on the trains. Senior citizens are respected. They are hard workers.