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Update:November 16, 2009

Malaysian Junior Administrative Officials Trained at ICETT

Fifteen Malaysian administrative officials were invited by the Tokai-Area group of former members of the JICA Dispatch Expert Association to visit different sites around Aichi, Gifu, and Mie Prefecture in the Tokai area and go through training to learn small- and medium-sized businesses and environmental policies. The training started on October 22.
On October 29, the training participants visited ICETT after, in the morning, making a visit to a producer of Banko-yaki pottery, which is one of Yokkaichi City’s local industries, and to the Mie Prefectural Ceramic Research Institute.
At ICETT, they first had lunch. All the participants seem to have enjoyed the meal served. In the afternoon, Mr. Okuyama from the Certification Organization of the Mie-Environmental Management System Standard [M-EMS] was invited to give them a lecture on the methods of the environmental management system, adopted by small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as problems of the system and how they were tackled by the businesses. As officials engaging in administration, the participants seemed interested especially in consulting and screening methods, and financial support systems.
After the training at ICETT, a commemorative photo with the lecturer was taken, full of smiles. Then, the participants left ICETT as the sun was sinking.