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Update:August 5, 2009

Capacity Building for Project Staff Regarding Kyoto Mechanism Course completed

Global warming is a typical global environmental problem with an impact affecting not only one country but extending over the entire planet. Therefore tools for promoting the implementation of a greenhouse gases reduction project and sustainable development have been prepared not only in developed countries but also in developing countries in the “Kyoto Protocol” of “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)”. The Kyoto Protocol was officially enacted in February, 2005, and the First Commitment Period started in 2008. The Japanese government has started credit acquisition using the “Kyoto Mechanism” since 2006 as a practically effective measure. However, the current situation is that the governments of developing countries which with the potential to become leading hosts in CDM / JI projects have failed to obtain full information regarding the “Kyoto Mechanism” system, and they have yet to establish the system. Accordingly, training concerning the Kyoto Mechanism was held for officials in charge of Designated National Authority as well as administrators of related agencies. It continued for 45 days from June 10 to July 24. The training was planned so that the training participants would fully comprehend the rules of the Kyoto Mechanism and the roles of developing countries for promoting CDM projects.

The training participants came from 6 countries in South America, the Middle East and Africa, one training participant from each country. During the training at ICETT, they received lectures from top of the line lecturers and exchanged information concerning promoting Kyoto Mechanism through discussion time. At the beginning of the training, they shared understanding of global warning mechanism by viewing the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. Also a lecturer was invited from India which has numerous ongoing CDM projects, and the training participants learned through active Q&A session with the lecturer on topics including “Why could India implement so many CDM projects?” “What is the role of Designated National Authority?” “How the information should be distributed?”, etc.


They put together a Project Design Document (PDD) as practice to understand the methodology of CDM projects. Each training participant obtained data from his/her country and worked on making the PDD, resulting in words of praise from the lectures for the high standard of finish. The training participants also commented they were able to understand CDM better through the activity of creating the PDD.
The training participants actively showed an interest in Japanese culture upon arriving at ICETT, and all of them attended the Japanese language class given between the lectures. They also attended tea ceremony at Shisui-an in Yokkaichi city and learned about the architectural style of small rooms. The training participants commented they learned that Japanese were not sparing with improvements to get closer to perfection, and that Japanese were punctual and patient, etc, from the companies they visited during their stay and their lecturers.