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Update:March 3, 2014

ICETT Exhibits at Yokkaichi City Environmental Forum and Autumn Waku-Waku Fureai Festival




Gririn                Pipi










On September 29 (Sun.), 2013, ICETT exhibited at the Yokkaichi City Environmental Forum, hosted by the City of Yokkaichi.

The event was held at the exhibition wing, No.3 Hall, of Yokkaichi City Culture Hall, and 66 organizations and groups from Yokkaichi took part in it. These exhibitors set up displays and experience-based booths to present their own environmental activities to preserve biodiversity and cope with global warming and waste issues. There were also a lecture and a panel discussion on the environment and community development. The forum was visited by some 700 people in total.  H25.9.29環境シンポジウム②   H25.9.29環境シンポジウム③

At its booth, ICETT displayed panels of “Let's check the global environment with Gririn and Pipi!” and used pictures to explain to children global environmental issues and what people can do to improve the situation of the environment. ICETT also conducted quizzes not only on all kinds of environmental problems but also on an environmental slogan for the Olympic Games to commemorate Tokyo’s successful bidding as a host city of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Since the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, an environmental slogan has been employed and various eco-friendly efforts have been made in Olympic venues. (ICETT was established in 1990. This shows that it was exactly when environmental protection started attracting attention from all over the world.)

Questionnaire surveys for the visitors indicated that there were even more visitors than in the previous year, who replied that they usually sort out garbage and use public transportation. The results encouraged ICETT to more actively promote environmental activities in Japan toward the 2020 Olympics and set a good example to the world as an organization which conducts training courses for participants from across the world.


(Children answering quizzes by looking at panels)  

H25.9.29 環境シンポジウム⑤

(Pictures of ICETT’s Indonesian participants visiting Sakuradai Elementary School, displayed at the school’s booth)

On September 28 (Sat.) and 29 (Sun.), there was another event, the Autumn Waku-Waku Fureai Festival, at the Suzuka Foothills Research Park, where ICETT is located, and its neighborhood in western Yokkaichi. It was a bus tour of four places: Yokkaichi Sports Land, Yokkaichi City Fureai Dairy Farm, Yokkaichi City Nature Center, and the Mie Environmental Education and Information Center.

ICETT displayed panels and brochures on its activities at the Mie Environmental Education and Information Center. Unfortunately, how this festival worked wasn’t seen by ICETT staff members, since it took place on the same day as the Yokkaichi City Environmental Forum. But ICETT plans to upgrade its display styles next year.  H25.9.28秋のワクワク①  H25.9.28秋のワクワク②