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For the future of the Earth

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Update:April 1, 2014

Fiscal Year 2013


Issue of ICETT No.60

Issue of ICETT NEWS No.21 (English, Chinese)

2013 Mie Kids Eco Fair


An event for children was held in the Suzuka Foothills Research Park to provide opportunities to experience activities for environmental protection. ICETT presented its activities and programs there.

Duration of event

Jun. 20 - Jun. 21 


Mie Prefecture Environmental Education Information Center Organized by Mie Prefectural Government 

  • 2013 Mie Kids Eco Fair Held

Yokkaichi City Environmental Forum


66 organizations and groups from Yokkaichi exhibited at the exhibition wing, No.3 Hall, of Yokkaichi City Culture Hall. There were displays and hands-on booths to present these local groups, actively involved in environmental activities to preserve biodiversity and tackle global warming and waste issues.

Duration of event

 Sep. 29

Remarks  Organized by Executive Committee of Yokkaichi Bazaar

2013 Autumn Waku-Waku Fureai Festival


ICETT displayed brochures for children on its activities at the Mie Environmental Education and Information Center in cooperation with the center.

Duration of event

Sep. 28 - Sep. 29

Remarks This was an event jointly hosted by the Mie Environmental Education and Information Center, Yokkaichi City Fureai Dairy Farm, Yokkaichi Sports Land, and Yokkaichi City Nature Center. 
  • ICETT Exhibits at Yokkaichi City Environmental Forum and Autumn Waku-Waku Fureai Festival

11th Mie Leading Industry Exhibition


The exhibition aimed at offering business matching opportunities to companies and organizations, ranging from leading-edge industries to community-based industries that use local resources, while promoting their own products, services, and technologies on exhibit.

Duration of event

 Nov. 7 - Nov. 8


Organized by Mie Prefectural Government 

  • ICETT Participates in 11th Mie Leading Industry Exhibition

2013 Mie Environmental Fair


ICETT exhibited at an event held in Tsu City by the Mie Prefectural Center for Climate Change Action, presented the activities and programs of ICETT and carried out environmental quizzes for children.

Duration of event

 Dec. 1


Organized by Mie Pref. Center for Climate Change Actions 

  • Participating in "2013 Mie Environmental Fair"

Visitors / Inspectors


Shiohama junior high school students

(45 first-year students)


 Polish Local Governments’ Study Mission (15 people)


A professor emeritus at Mie University, and two Chinese lecturers (total 3 people)

 August A professor of economics at Teikyo University, and ten members of Teikyo University’s Joint Study Group of China Development (total 11 people)
October Students of a mature age class from the Yokkaichi Citizens’ College (52 people)

the Brazilian Association of People from Mie Prefecture,

Sao Paulo State Representative, Sao Paulo City Councilor

(total 7 people)


A menber of Mie Prefectural,

Sixteen menber of Minamiaso Village assembly

(total 17 people)


Junior high school education research councilor of social studies (San-shi district) 

(45 people) 

  • ICETT Visited by 45 First-Year Students from Shiohama Junior High School
  • ICETT Visited by Polish Local Governments’ Study Mission
  • ICETT Visited by Two Chinese Lecturers from Mie University
  • ICETT Visited by Teikyo University’s Joint Study Group of China Development
  • ICETT Visited by Mature Age Class from the Yokkaichi Citizens’ College
  • Mie Prefectural Association in Brazil Comes to ICETT