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Home > Workshop and Training > IN JAPAN > Fiscal Year 2011 > FY2011 JICA Training Course Starts on “Waste Management (C) for Promoting Recycling-Oriented Societies in Central and South America (Venezuela) “

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Update:January 27, 2012

FY2011 JICA Training Course Starts on “Waste Management (C) for Promoting Recycling-Oriented Societies in Central and South America (Venezuela) “


1) Objectives and Background

 In recent years, there is a growing concern in Venezuela about serious environmental pollution caused by the mismanagement of waste treatment, which has had a negative effect on the country’s natural environment. For the purpose of helping implement appropriate and efficient waste management, the course is focused not only on the Japanese legal systems and waste disposal technologies but also on the shaping of sound material-cycle societies by promoting the 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, as well as education about the environment. It is also intended to teach the participants Japanese knowhow and technologies to cope with Venezuela’s waste problems, the Japanese governmental support system to promote awareness of the environment, and how to promote this awareness at waste sources such as households and factories.

2) Duration

 January 15 (Sun.) to February 23 (Thur.), 2012 (40 days)

3) Participants

 Eight Participants : National and local government officials and NGO staff in the waste management department 

The course consists of four modules following a basic orientation session.

Module I - Japanese waste management system

 In this module, the participants learn about Japanese policies on the environment and waste management, the Recycling Law, and waste management systems introduced by the national and local governments.

Module II - Methods to promote the 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to create sound material-cycle societies

 Here, the participants learn about methods to promote the 3Rs and concrete efforts made in Japan to practice the 3Rs Initiative. They also learn how to collect recyclable garbage at supermarkets and manage automobile scrapping under the Recycling Law.

Module III - Waste disposal technology and the implementation of the 3Rs

 The participants visit facilities to recycle home appliances, construction waste and fluorescent tubes to learn about the waste management system, disposal process and unique methods in Japanese industries. They also make proposals on how to prevent global warming.

Module IV - Methods to promote awareness of the environment and summary of the course

 The participants learn about efforts by local governments and nonprofit organizations to raise environmental awareness at households, schools, and businesses. They draw up plans on how to involve local residents in the activities for the 3Rs and how to implement activities suitable for the characteristics of local communities.

Drawing up of action plans

 At the end of the course, the participants present action plans to be pursued back in their country, including what needs to be improved and the best use of the knowledge and technology they learn about in this course.