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Home > Workshop and Training > IN JAPAN > Fiscal Year 2011 > FY2011 JICA Training Course Launched on “Capacity Development for Local Government in Comprehensive Solid Waste Management in the Republic of Peru”

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Update:January 30, 2012

FY2011 JICA Training Course Launched on “Capacity Development for Local Government in Comprehensive Solid Waste Management in the Republic of Peru”

1) Objectives and Background

 Peru, which just established the Ministry of the Environment in 2008, needs to solve environmental issues worsened by its insufficient waste management system. Since landfill sites are not appropriately managed in the country, there is a great concern about drinking water pollution and the breeding of pests that have caused serious damage to the health of local residents who live around these sites. In these circumstances, the construction of sanitary landfills and composting facilities is planned with assistance and support from Japan. This also requires the development of human resources who can effectively implement comprehensive waste management there.

The course is designed for officials of local governments, which play a main role in carrying out waste management. These officials attend lectures and visit related facilities to learn about Japanese waste management systems, solid waste management technology, and environmental awareness promotion.

2) Duration

 January 15 (Sun.) to February 23 (Thur.), 2012 (40 days)

3) Participants

 13 local government officials, responsible for solid waste management

The course consists of four modules following a basic orientation session.

Module I - Japanese waste management system

 In this module, the participants learn about Japanese policies on the environment and waste disposal, and waste management systems introduced by the national and local governments.

Module II - Solid waste management technology

 The participants learn about the Japanese methods to manage landfill sites and efforts by the recycling companies. They also draw up plans on how to lay out efficient collection and transportation routes and garbage collection stations and how to improve the efficiency of collection work to help set up effective systems in Peru.

Module III - Promotion of awareness of the environment

 The participants learn about efforts by local governments and nonprofit organizations to raise environmental awareness at households, schools, and businesses.

Module IV - Summary of the course

 At the end of the training, the participants identify problems that should be solved by their local governments, and they make proposals to be pursued back in their country by using the knowledge, the expertise, and the methods acquired in this course.