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Update:February 10, 2012

Exchange Event with Local Residents Held at ICETT


Performing “Iai”

On January 22, 2012, ICETT organized a get-together to provide an opportunity for the participants in our ongoing courses to deepen their friendship with local Japanese residents in Yokkaichi.
The event was attended by more than 50 people including 13 Peruvian and eight Venezuelan participants. It started with a session to present ICETT’s activities to the residents, followed by presentations by the South American participants of their countries.Then, all the participants and residents enjoyed watching a performance of “Iai”, the Japanese art of drawing swords, and communicating with each other, sometimes by means of gestures, showing pictures of their countries. The participants were also given an opportunity to try on kimonos, borrowed from some of the local residents.
We believe that the participants and the residents shared a pleasant and memorable time with each other and the event became quite a success full of lively energy.
We would very much like to express our gratitude to all the residents for their friendly attitudes and coming for the occasion.


Wearing kimonos


Commemorative photo