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Update:November 17, 2011

FY2011 Training Course Opens for Officials from Tianjin, China

天津2 On November 6 (Sun.), ICETT kicked off a fiscal 2011 Yokkaichi-commissioned training course on developing a low carbon society for officials from Tianjin, China. This is a 14-day course for four officials from the Environment Protection Bureau of the City of Tianjin, a sister city of Yokkaichi.






Tianjin was designated by the Chinese government as a model city to draw up a local greenhouse gas inventory and to establish and improve greenhouse gas emission controls and monitoring systems to save energy and reduce emissions. For that reason, the course intends to contribute to Tianjin’s future policymaking in creating a low carbon society.

天津3  天津1

 Focusing on the activities and efforts made by local Japanese governments and companies to prevent global warming, save energy, and reduce CO2 emissions, the course is highly expected to help improve the environment of the Chinese city. The participants exchange information and opinions with the Japanese involved in this training about environmental issues and social circumstances in Yokkaichi and Tianjin, which also allows them to deepen their mutual understanding and friendship with each other. (Fukushima)