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Update:December 13, 2010

FY2010 Training Course Opens for Officials from Tianjin, China

A fiscal year 2010 Yokkaichi-commissioned training course on soil pollution control for officials from Tianjin, China, kicked off on December 5 (Sun). This is a 14-day course for four officials from the Environment Protection Bureau of the City of Tianjin, a sister city of Yokkaichi.

Opening ceremony


In recent years, growing attention has been paid to soil pollution issues in Tianjin, where surveys on soil pollution have continuously been conducted. Measures for the improvement of soil pollution levels are scheduled to be included in the twelfth five-year plan, which will start in 2011, drawn up by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Therefore, they will help improve measures against the pollution.
Soil pollution is a common issue in both Japan and China, so Yokkaichi, along with the Mie Prefectural Government, has made great efforts to control soil pollution by establishing an office to receive notifications under the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law.
The course is intended to contribute to Tianjin’s future policymaking in soil pollution control.
The four participants are expected to enhance the skills necessary to draw up and implement policies back in their country by learning about the activities and efforts in soil pollution control made by Japanese local governments and companies, Japanese measures against soil pollution, and disposal technologies. (Fukushima)

Courtesy call on Yokkaichi Mayor and City Council Chairman

Job report presentation