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Update:September 3, 2010

FY2010 JICA Group Training Course Opened on “Pollution Control and Local Environment Management”

On July 27, a JICA group training course was launched on “Pollution Control and Local Environment Management”.
The participants in the course come from eight countries: Brazil, Ghana, Kosovo, Tajikistan, Macedonia, Vietnam, Egypt, and Moldova. They are nine officials of national or local administrative bodies, who have been tackling pollution issues in their countries. The purpose of the training is to have them learn about the Japanese pollution control systems, the technologies for disposing pollutants, and the methods for promoting environmental conservation by means of cooperation between governments, businesses, and residents. Lectures and on-site tours of environment-related companies will be held for the purpose of helping the participants reach solutions to the problems, which cover a wide range, such as pollution of water, air, dust, and soil.
In addition, since the participants of the course come from different countries, there will be many opportunities to exchange opinions about the environmental problems in each of their countries and to examine solutions to them.
On the final day of the course, the participants are scheduled to make presentations of their action plans to be pursued back in their countries, after grasping differences between Japan and their countries, and examining how to take full advantage of the pollution control knowledge and technologies they acquire through the course, as well as what should be solved to make use of them. (Deguchi)