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For the future of the Earth

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Update:November 8, 2013

Fiscal Year 2012

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  • AEON:AEON Group Environment Foundation
  • APO:Asian Productivity Organization
  • AOTS:Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship
  • APEC:Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
  • CITF:China International Trust and Investment Corporation
  • CLAIR:Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
  • ECFA:Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan
  • EIC:Environmental Information Center
  • ESCAP:Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
  • GEC:Global Environment Centre Foundation
  • GISPRI:Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute
  • ICLEI:International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
  • IEA:International Energy Agency
  • IETC:International Environmental Technology Center
  • IPCC:Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change
  • JBIC:Japan Bank for International Cooperation
  • JEC:Japan Environment Corporation
  • JEMAI:Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry
  • JETRO:Japan External Trade Organization
  • JICA:Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • JIF:Japan-Indonesia Science & Technology Forum
  • JMIF:Japan Motor Industrial Federation
  • JODC:Japan Overseas Development Corporation
  • KEIRIN:Japan Keirin Association
  • KITA:Kitakyushu International Techno-Cooperative Association
  • MEC:Mie Prefecture Environmental Conservation Agency
  • METI:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • MITI:Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • NEDO:New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Organization
  • NIKKEI:Nihon Keizai Shimbun
  • NIRE:National Institute for Resources and Environment
  • NITC:Nagoya International Training Center
  • OECD:Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • OECF:Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund
  • RITE:Research Institute of Innovative Technology of the Earth
  • TEDA:Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area
  • UNCED:United Nations Conference on Environment & Development
  • UNCRD:United Nations Center for Regional Development
  • UNEP:United Nations Environment Programme
  • WRPC:Water Re-use Promotion Center


Fostering international co-operation in the accelerated development and diffusion of climate-friendly technologies and practices 


As the CTI Programme Secretariat, ICETT organizes the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) Executive Committee meetings and maintain an updated CTI and CTI PFAN websites. ICETT also organizes side events at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conferences in cooperation with the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the CTI.

Remarks Commissioned by CTI


CTI PFAN Programme support activities 


ICETT supports the CTI PFAN Programme which provides coaching and technical assistance to project developers in developing and transition countries to assist them in the preparation of project financing proposals and investment pitch meeting the standards of the international finance community to facilitate financial closure.


Commissioned by USAID and REEEP


CTI PFAN Forum for Clean Energy Financing


ICETT provided support for Japanese companies interested in the business of transferring environmental technology and knowhow to other Asian countries, but reluctant to get started since they don’t have enough information and no connections with local companies or organizations there.


International research promotion project on global environment (Subsidized by METI)


Global Environmental Workshop


A workshop on the Yokkaichi pollution and the environmental improvement took place, attended by high school students from Yokkaichi, Tianjin in China,  and Long Beach in the United States. 

Duration of Training/Seminars

Jul. 23 - Jul. 31 ,2012


Commissioned by Yokkaichi