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For the future of the Earth

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Update:February 7, 2018

Fiscal Year 2017

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International cooperation project on global environment -The 8th Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing -


  With regard to implementation of environmentally sound projects, it is often pointed out as barriers between project developers and investors that Project Developers are not providing the right information for investors to make informed decisions: and opportunities are scarce for project developers and investors to share their views. To remove these barriers, ICETT, in cooperation with PFAN Program, supports fund-raising and contribute to implementation of environmentally sound projects in developing countries by providing professional advice and support on project development and holding Investment Forums to provide match making opportunities for project developer to meet with investors

Country Asia
Remarks Commissioned by METI



Global Environmental Workshop


  A workshop on  “Stop Global Warming! – What We Can Do for the Future of the Earth” took place for high school students from Tianjin in China, Long Beach in the United States, and Yokkaichi in Japan.

Duration of Training/Seminars

Jul. 31 - Aug. 8 ,2016


Commissioned by Yokkaichi


International Cooperation Project on Global Environment (Clean Technology Business Network: CTBN)


  In this project, ICETT implements support activities to promote environmental business match making between clean technology providers (Japanese enterprises) and clean technology seekers (project developers in developing countries) and creating feasible clean projects.
  Through the implementation of above support activities, ICETT also clarifies the reason why business formation doesn't realize easily and how to solve the issue.

Project Period

Sep. 26, 2017 - Mar. 13, 2018


Republic of Indonesia


Commissioned by METI