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Update:October 31, 2017

Call for applications for Project developers in Indonesia who want to participate in our CTBN program

In Indonesia, development of Clean energy project which contributes to prevent global worming becomes more and more necessary and popular.

Clean Technology Business Network (CTBN) 2017 Program provides the support for business matching between Project Developers who are developing/planning clean energy projects in Indonesia and Japanese Technology Providers who can provide the technologies to match project developer's needs. CTBN also provides support for project development and access to project financing.

※This project is implementsd as a part of "Establishment of support scheme of CTBN program" comissioned by Japanese Government of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

 Benefits in participating in our 2017 CTBN Program

  • Access to information on promising Clean Technology Providers of Japan
  • Opportunity to participate in "CTBN business matching forum (event)" and "Online (skype®) meeting" which include individual based business meeting with promising Japanese Technology Providers.
  • Free advisory service for business matching, project development (considering business model) and project financing by CTBN expert. (Project Developer Supporter)


Requirements for participation

 1. Targeted Applicants

 Project Developers who develop and implement a project which contributes to greenhouse gas emission reduction          (clean energy project) in Indonesia.

  • Target for project developer who is implementing or planning clean projects in Indonesia
  • In case the project is/ will be implemented in Indonesia, project developers from other countries can apply.


 2. Targeted Countries

  •  Indonesia


3. Targeted Clean Technology

        ・Solar Power       ・Energy Efficiency               ・Waste to Energy

        ・Hydro Power     ・Geothermal                          ・Clean Transport(Electric Vehicle)

        ・Wind Powr    ・Biomass/Biogas/Biofuel      ・Smart Grid


 CTBN Business Matching Forum at Jakarta

Participants of CTBN program are basically required to participate in "CTBN business matching forum at Jakarta" which is individual based face-to-face meeting with promising Japanese Technology Providers.
 Date and time: 9:00 -, the 21st December 2017
 Venue: Century Park Hotel (Jl Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta 10270) 


 Online meeting (Individual based meeting)

Participants of CTBN program are required to participate in "Online meeting" which is individual based business meeting with promising Japanese Technology Providers.

  • Implementation period: during November 2017 to March 2018
  • Implementation date & schedule: ICETT will contact the applicants later.

 Application method

 1.Submitted documents

          Please write down the information regarding the clean technology you are interested in.

※ You can download the Resistration form and Technology needs data sheet from above links

※ Please submit above documents by electrronic files.

※ Please submit the documents by original format. Please do not convert to PDF file.


Thursday, the 30th November 2017

 3.Documents are submitted to:

International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT)

Hiroyuki UEDA (Mr.): ueda@icett.or.jp, Maki NAGAI (Ms.): nagai@icett.or.jp 

 You can see the detailed infromation from following flyer.(PDF:821KB)

Clean Technology Business Network Program (CTBN program)

  • CTBN program envisages to be a support scheme aiming to accelerate clean technology business matching between clean technology seekers in developing countries and clean technology providers of Japan and  contributing to the accelerated uptake of clean technologies for viable climate- friendry projects.
  • CTBN program priovides the advisory service for project developers and Japanese Technology Providers as required.This service includes advice for establishment of basic business plan,financing necessary for projects. CTBN program promotes formation and creation of highly feasible project.



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