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Update:January 16, 2018

Call for online (skype®) meeting applications for "Clean Technology Business Network (CTBN) 2017 Program in Indonesia"

Background of the CTBN Online (skype®) Meeting

The CTBN Program, commissioned by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, aims to create new climate-friendly projects in developing countries that are prominent under business circumstances in the near future. It provides technology matching opportunities and advisory services to Project Developers and Japanese Technology Providers through online (skype®) meeting.

The CTBN online meeting of this year aims to facilitate technology matchmaking between Indonesian companies (especially, project developers, EPC companies, and IPPs) with Japanese clean energy technology providers to accelerate climate-friendly society.

We are looking forward to receiving a large number of applications!

Online (skype®) meeting Schedule

  •  Implementation period: during November 2017 to March 2018
  • Implementation date & schedule: ICETT will contact the applicants later.

 Application method

 1. Documents to be submitted*

       *Note: Except for the Indonesian Project Developers who attended the Business Matching Forum held
         on the 21st December 2017 at the Century Park Hotel, Jakarta.

※ Please write down the information regarding the clean technology you are interested in.

※ You can download the Registration form and Technology needs data sheet from above links

※ Please submit above documents by electrronic files.

※ Please submit the documents by original format. Please do not convert to PDF file.

 2. Deadline: Thursday, the 15th February 2018

 3. Documents are submitted to:

Hiroyuki UEDA (Mr.): ueda@icett.or.jp, Maki NAGAI (Ms.): nagai@icett.or.jp 


 Japanese Technology Providers for CTBN Online (skype®) Meeting

Please click Technology/Business of each company to download their technology overview in English.

Please send an e-mail to the Secretariat to get the password to open the files;

ueda@icett.or.jp (Hiroyuki UEDA/ Mr. ), and nagai@icett.or.jp (Maki NAGAI/ Ms.)

Company Name (Website)

Technology Categry

Technology / Business

1. JAG Seabell Co., Ltd.

http://www.jagseabell.jp/english/index.html( External link )


Run of River type hydro power generation(PDF:335KB)

2. ZE Energy Inc.

http://www.ze-energy.net/english/( External link )

Hydro, Biomass(Carbonization) Carbonizer and small hydro power generation(PDF:83KB)

3. Infini Co.,Ltd.

https://infinigroup.co.jp/en/( External link )


 Monitoring system, PV module

4. Meiwa Co., Ltd.

http://meiwa-ind.co.jp/en/( External link )

Biomass Carbonizer (PDF:240KB)

5. NiX Co., Ltd.

http://www.shinnihon-cst.co.jp/en/( External link )

Hydro, Solar Construction Consulting Services(PDF:162KB)


http://www.shinko-mfg.co.jp/( External link )

Biomass, Waste to Energy

Hydrothermal Treatment(PDF:180KB)/

Waste Plastic to Oil(PDF:332KB)


http://toyo-group.com/enefarm/company/outline.html( External link )

Biomass, Waste to Energy Biomass Gasification Power Plant(PDF:373KB)


http://www.kansai-sangyo.co.jp/e-index.html( External link )

Biomass, Waste to Energy Automated Rice Husk Carbonizer(PDF:264KB) / Fire husk Machine (Rice Husk Briquettes Production Equipment)(PDF:256KB)

9. Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd.

http://www.nextenergy.jp/en/( External link )

Solar Monitoring system, PV module(PDF:103KB)



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