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Update:August 24, 2017

 Fiscal Year 2017


 Project for creating and supporting core companies in Chubu region of Japan(Project for Promoting Environmental Industry in Chubu region of Japan)


In Chubu region (Central part of main island) of Japan, manufacturing industries including automobile and aircraft, and environmental industries which have advanced environmental technologies are accumulated as if both arterial and venous industries are fully stocked.

It is a competitive advantage for Chubu region.

ICETT mainly supports companies that play leadership roles and possess competitive/ superior environmental technology among the said industry through collaboration between industry, academia, the administration and the public. The object is to promote new business opportunities for those companies both within and outside of Japan and to find or establish further technology partnerships.

Period of Field Activity

June 2017 to March 2018


Commissioned by Chubu Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry



  In Hong Kong, they are actively working on environmental measures such as waste disposal and building energy efficiency improvement and demand for new technologies is more and more increasing.

  ICETT is going to attend the exhibition “Eco Expo Asia 2017” in Hong Kong which is the 12th annual event in the form of joint exhibition with a company who will introduce its environmental technologies in the field of waste and wastewater treatment.

  In the event, ICETT will provide information on some Japanese companies and their environmental and energy-conservation technology,  and also, support the company that will exhibit together in order to promote its overseas development and establish beneficial business relationship.

Duration of event

26 -29 October 2017


Asia World-Expo (Hong Kong)