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Update:March 1, 2024

[Report] JICA Knowledge Co-creation Program: "Waste Management towards Control of Marine Litter (B) in 2023" was successfully implemented.


Recently, marine litter, especially marine plastic litter is rapidly increasing its presence in the world. Global community has been working together towards the establishment of a new international framework to end plastic wastes, and cooperation and partnership among nations has been accelerated accordingly.

Under such circumstances, ICETT has implemented “JICA Knowledge Co-creation Program: Waste Management towards Control of Marine Litter (B) in 2023”, aiming at contributing to facilitation of measures against marine litter, including plastic resource circulation. This is the 4th training course regarding marine litter since 2020, and the end of the COVID pandemic enabled full implementation in Japan for the first time without any online session.

The training course aimed at enhancing the participants’ comprehensive understanding of issues over marine litter from land and ocean sides, and facilitating their deep insight into solutions from various aspects including policy measures and technology. Its program centered proper waste management and plastic resource circulation as a fundamental solution to marine litter. As another focal learning of the program, it also offered opportunities to learn adverse impact of marine litter on the environment, ecosystem and economy, and to experience modern methods to measure and monitor marine litter. The participants widened and deepened their understanding of various issues over the problem through lectures, site visits and discussions. They also learned responsibilities and activities of different stakeholders such as governments, companies, research institutes and civil organizations, and realized the indispensability of their collaboration to combat marine litter. On the last day of the training course, all the participants presented their individual action plans, which were formulated based on their one-month learning experiences, outlining specific steps they intend to take in their respective countries.

This training course not only facilitated the learning of the participants, but also created a new tie among the participants who share the same goal and the same experience in Japan. We hope that their action plan and any further initiatives are to be implemented upon their achievement gained and new relationship established in Japan.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to convey our sincere appreciation to all the resource persons and entities for their cooperation to this program. We also would like to thank JICA for their support to this program.


Training Period

2 - 27 October 2023


3 Participants: Government officials from Brazil, Egypt, and Jamaica


2023MarineLitter_GroupPhoto 2023MarineLitter_Lecture 2023MarineLitter_PlasticPackagingRecycling
Group Photo at ICETT Lecture Site Visit(Plastic packaging recycle)
2023MarineLitter_PlasticPackagingRecycling 2023MarineLitter_Monitoring 2023MarineLitter_Microplastic

Onsite Practice (Measurement and monitoring of marine litter)

Practice (Microplastic Research)
2023MarineLitter_Presentation 2023MarineLitter_Ninja 2023MarineLitter_TeaLeavePickup
Action Plan Presentation Iga-ryu Ninja Museum Experience Tea Picking