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Update:January 4, 2022

【REPORT】 The 2nd online training course of "JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (ASEAN Focus): Waste Management towards Marine Litter" was successfully implemented.

Since FY2020, ICETT implements "JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (ASEAN Focus): Waste Management towards Marine Litter", aiming to enhance capacity of ASEAN countries to establish policy measures towards marine plastic waste. Following the first training course in February 2021, the second training course was implemented online from November 1st to 26th, 2021.

The 2nd training course was participated by government officials for marine litter and waste management in Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand, and staff of the ASEAN Secretariat located in Indonesia from their respective country. 

This training course was planned to be implemented in Japan, inviting all the participants from ASEAN countries, but it was not realised due to the spread of COVID 19. In order that the participants deepen their understanding of the learning during the 1st training course and expand their knowledge and viewpoints by learning actual practices in Japan, the 2nd training course was designed with live sessions for lectures, factory on-line tours and workshops.



The online training course aimed to enhance participants' understanding of measures to control marine plastic litter, which have been adopted globally and in Japan. It also expected the participants to identify measures and actions that could be adopted in the respective country.

Duration of On-line Course

November 1st to 26th, 2021


7 participants

- 6 government officials in the field of waste management from 6 ASEAN countries, namely Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Philippines (*2 participants from Thailand and Philippines)

- 1 staff from the ASEAN Secretariat in Indonesia

Outline of Training

  • This training focused on facilitation of plastic resource recycling, aiming to reduce the source of marine plastic wastes from land area. 
  • The lecturers addressed a wide range of issues related to plastic resource recycling in Japan, including government's strategies and policy measures for promoting resource recycling, voluntary efforts by companies, technological development and environmental education.
  • The lectureres have consisted of the national council member of the national government, engineers of industrial companies and academicians, who are pioneering the field of plastic resource recycling in Japan.
  • The participants gained new knowledge through the lectures, discussion, and virtual company visits. They also shared their thoughts, opinions and ideas with the lecturers to enhance their understanding and deepen their insights. It is expected that they apply their learning during the training course to their own work, and eventually the policies and measures of their respective country. 




Lecturer of Resource Recycling

Lecturer of Plastic Wastes in ASEAN countries



All Participants, MOFA-JICA officials and ICETT staff 

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