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Update:July 24, 2023

[Report] "JICA Knowledge Co-creation Program: Waste Management towards Control of Marine Litter (B) in 2022" was successfully completed.


During the last decade, marine plastic litter has gained its recognition as an environmental problem of the world. While discussion on new international framework has just started to deal with this matter globally, Southeast Asia is often raised as a focal area, considered as a major hot spot of marine plastic wastes. The consumption of single-use plastic products has been increasing along with its fast economic growth and change in life-style, many of which eventually reach the ocean to be marine plastic litter. Although there are various causes on this matter, inappropriate management of wastes on land is one of the most crucial ones in this region.

Commissioned by Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), ICETT implemented “JICA Knowledge Co-creation Program: Waste Management towards Control of Marine Litter (B)” from October to December, 2022, in order to accelerate reduction and management of marine litter in ASEAN countries.

Addressing importance of precautional measures on land and the necessity for effective management of wastes flown to the ocean area, the program provided wide range of lectures, discussion, site visits and workshops in a comprehensive manner. The participants gained broad and deeper understanding of marine litter, including its cause and effects, and learned various political and technological measures applied especially in Japan to reduce or manage marine plastic wastes. Interactions with resource persons from governments, industry, academia and civil society enhanced their recognition of the interlinkage among issues over marine plastic litter, and importance of integrated approach with partnership among various stakeholders.

Through this progam, all the participants summarized their learning into their Action Plan, which is to be implemented in their own country after this program. They have also fostered friendship and partnership with mutual understanding. It is expected that they take the leadership to control of marine litter with their Action Plan in their country, and also in ASEAN region with the fostered partnership in the near future.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to convey our sincere appreciation to all the resource persons and entities for their cooperation to this program. We also would like to thank JICA, JICA Chubu and ASEAN Secretariat for their support to this program.



Training Period

  •  Online: 3 - 14 October 2022
  •  In Japan: 18 November - 9 December 2022


    13 paricipants including

  • Government officials and researchers from Cambodia (2), Indonesia (3), Malaysia (1), the Philippines (2), Thailand (3) and Vietnam (1), and
  • An officer from ASEAN regional organization (Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund) (1)

JICA marine litter training 2022_group online   JICA marine litter training 2022_group icett

               Group Photo (Online Trainng)                  Group Photo (at ICETT, Training in Japan)

JICA marine litter training 2022_waste segregation&collection JICA marine litter training 2022_workshop JICA marine litter training 2022_marine litter survey

Resource segretaion and collection    Workshop on problem solving Marine litter survey methods

 JICA marine litter training 2022_beach cleanup JICA marine litter training 2022_tea ceremony1 JICA marine litter training 2022_iga ninja museum             

     Beach Cleanup       Japanese Tea Ceremony          Iga-ryu Ninja Museum