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Update:April 28, 2017

Sida PFAN Initiative on Clean Energy Financing (SPICEF)

Project Development & Financing Workshop was held for short-listed projects participating in this year’s Sida PFAN Initiative on Clean Energy Financing (SPICEF)

30th Nov, 2016 Boma Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

The purpose of SPICEF is to identify and nurture entrepreneurs, start-up companies and existing companies with promising clean energy projects by linking them with investors and financiers.


We have received 96 applications from below countries. Selected projects will receive free mentoring to help them polish their business plans, develop convincing investment pitches, and formulate a commercially, financially, socially and environmentally viable growth strategy that in turn will significantly enhance the possibility of obtaining financing.






 Kenya   24
 Tanzania   10
 Uganda   23
 Ethiopia   10
 Zimbabwe   11
 Mozambique     1
 Rwanda   8
 Zambia   9
 Total   96

In all, fifteen projects located in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique participated in the Project Development and Financing Workshop.

The projects were selected on the basis of their commercial viability, stage of maturity, growth / replication potential, technological, product or services innovation and interest for investors as well as their potential to produce clean energy sustainably and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while achieving other environmental and developmental benefits. The projects seek to raise finance for deployment of a range of clean and renewable technologies including biomass, biogas, biofuels, and solar.


The workshop was organized by the Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN). The workshop was sponsored and funded by Sida. The workshops were designed to provide expert inputs to the short-listed project developers on the development and structuring of their projects and the preparation of bankable business plans and investor pitches from professional advisors, clean energy investors and commercial banks.


The organization of the workshops also marked the beginning of intensive one-on-one coaching to the project developers. The project developers will receive coaching on finalization of investor ready business plans. SPICEF Forum for Clean Energy Financing (SPICEF) which seeks to match promising clean energy projects from East Africa with investment and financing is scheduled to take place on 2017.

  • Sida : The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency