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Update:May 30, 2017

ICETT accepted visitors from the Republic of Indonesia


  A group from Indonesia, consisted of a local government official, environmental consultants, and a company staff responsible for environmental matters, visited ICETT in April 2016. The group members, who came to Japan in private, had strong wiliness to learn Japan’s technology and practices for water purification and treatment, and ICETT supported them to visit water purification plants, the Water Quality Management and Information Center, and company-owned wastewater treatment facilities in the Chubu central region of Japan during their stay in Japan.


  Their visit was planned and realized with the initiative of the local government official, who had played a role as ICETT’s counterpart of the Business Matching Seminar  in Indonesia, which was conducted as part of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry-commissioned Fiscal 2015 Support Program for Overseas Business Expansion Promotion.


 1) Duration: April 18 (Mon.) to 21 (Thur.), 2016

 2) Participants: a group of four Indonesians, consisting of an official from the Banten Environment Management Agency, environmental consultants, and a private company official responsible for environmental management.

 3) Contents
  On the morning of April 19 (Tues.), the group visited Tsuyakin Kagakuseni Co., Ltd. in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, to learn methods and practices for wastewater treatment in the textile industry. They also visited the Nabeya-ueno Water Purification Plant in Nagoya in the afternoon.

  20160419-01   20160419-02


  In the evening, a network meeting was held at ICETT with participation of six Japanese companies in the Chubu central region of Japan which were willing to utilize their water-related environmental technology and products in Indonesia for improving their water environment. A deputy division chief of the Environmental Protection and Recycling Division of the Natural Resources, Energy and Environment Department of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry attended the event and exchanged the local environmental technology needs and the technology that the companies of Chubu region could offer with the local Japanese companies.

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  On the morning of April 20 (Wed.), the participants visited the Water Quality Management and Information Center in Tsu, Mie Prefecture. In the afternoon, they visited the Katada Water Treatment Plant, also in Tsu, and the Tsu City Water Museum for better understanding of the City’s water treatment, supply and distribution facilities.  5   6



  Their visit was enabled with their strong enthusiasm to improve the environment of their country, and their own budget. The participants were greatly pleased the short but fully scheduled stay in Japan with study visits and thankful for the cordial and enthusiastic cooperation of the organizations they visited. They were also well satisfied with the information on Japanese water purification and wastewater treatment technology and the management system that they learned through active exchanges of views with the Japanese government officials and business members during the site visits.

  The cooperative relationship fostered through the past Business Matching Seminar was extended by the visit of the four. Making full use of the networks developed through its past projects, ICETT continues to contribute to improving the environment in Indonesia and offer assistance to Japanese companies in the Chubu region which are engaged in environmental business. 

   ICETT would like to express its gratitude to those who cooperated in this visit.