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Update:October 1, 2018

Fiscal Year 2018

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Issue of ICETT News NO. 26 (English)

 Visitors / Dissemination Program


Theme: Dissemination Program

Duration: April 15, 2018 08:45-13:00

Venue: ICETT

Participants: 80 Kanbe Senior High Schoolers and 4 Teachers


Theme: Dissemination Program

Duration: May 18, 2018 10:50-12:00

Venue: Yokkaichi University

Participants: 30 Students and 3 Others


Theme: Dissemination Program

Duration: May 23, 2018 13:00-14:30

Venue: Mie University

Participants: 287 Students


Theme: Dissemination Program

Duration: August 8, 2018 14:00-15:30

Venue: Yokkaichi pollution and Museum of Environment

Participants: 13 Students and 1 professor of Nagoya University 


Theme: Dissemination Program

Duration: August 10, 2018 15:45-16:45

Venue: Yokkaichi Municipal Museum


Theme: SDGs Card Game

Duration: November 18, 2018 14:00-16:30

Venue: Yokkaichi Naya Plaza

Organizer: Yokkaichi Naya Plaza and ICETT


Theme: Japan-PR of China Workshop - AI and Environment

Duration: December 3 -5, 2018

Venue: Chubu University

Organizer: Chubu University


Theme: Winter Eco Fair 

Duration: December 15, 2018 12:30-16:45

Venue: Yokkaichi University


Theme: Dissemination Program

Duration: February 26, 2019

Venue: ICETT

Participants: 8 High Schoolers of Vietnam, 4 Teachers of Osaka University