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Update:March 9, 2009

JICA Group-training course for “Integrated Management of Solid Waste for Administrators” training came to a successful conclusion

The International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT) conducted the following group-training course “Integrated Management of Solid Waste for Administrators” commissioned by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which was successfully brought to a conclusion. We are most appreciative of the cooperation of those who served as lecturers and representatives of business enterprises, and to the participating people of Komono Town for exchange gathering and home stay program, as well as the people of JICA and JICE.

Training implementation period:

January 14 (Wed) – February 20 (Fri)

Training participants:

7 training participants came from 6 countries; the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Kingdom of Bhutan, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Zimbabwe, and the Republic of Serbia

Outline of the training:

The purpose of this training was to improve the solid waste treatment technology and administration system of the administrators in charge in order to improve the solid waste management situation mainly in urban areas. Lectures were given and tours were held for further acquisition of know-how regarding waste administration in Japan. This is based on the ‘3Rs’ and treatment technology in practice as well as the coexistence of local development and environmental preservation.
An international exchange gathering and home stay program were held during the training period in order that the training participants might understand Japanese culture and lifestyle with the cooperation of the residents of Komono Town which neighbors Yokkaichi City. At the exchange gathering, introduction of their countries and their impression on Japan were shared, followed by a dance and tea party.
The training participants enjoyed karaoke after dinner at the JICA Center where they stayed. It was a first time experience for some, but everybody was singing happily.
Moreover they were ‘blessed’ with the extra experience of an earthquake registering 2 on the Japanese seismic scale in the early hours of February 18.
They happily went back to their home countries with a strong feeling of determination to make good use of what they had learned.

Opinions of the training participants

The training participants voiced the following opinions through lectures and tours during the training.

Lecture, tour

The lectures and tours were wonderful. In particular, the lectures were given by technical specialists.
Environmental technology is advanced. This is Japan.


I learned that Japan is a beautiful country, with limited natural resources.
Japan is a very beautiful country.
It was impressive to observe industrial areas and advanced technology everywhere.


Polite and honest. Punctual. Orderly. Hard working people.