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Update:August 11, 2008

JICA Group-training course for “Capacity Building for Policy Maker Regarding Kyoto Mechanism” came to an end.

Global warming is a typical global environmental problem whose impact affects not only one country but extends over the whole earth. Therefore utilization of the Kyoto Mechanism including CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) / JI (Joint Implementation), which means greenhouse gases emissions reduction in other countries can be used to fulfill the commitment of its own country, is recognized in the “Third Conference of the Parties (COP3: Kyoto Protocol)” of the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)” in 1997 in order to achieve greenhouse gases emission reduction commitment as well as sustainable development assistance in developing countries.
The Kyoto Protocol was officially enacted in February, 2005, and the First Commitment Period started this year, 2008. The Japanese government has started credit acquisition using the Kyoto Mechanism since 2006 as a practically effective measure.
However, the current situation is that the governments of developing countries which can become leading hosts in CDM / JI projects have failed to obtain full information regarding the “Kyoto Mechanism” system, and they have yet to establish the system.
The goal of this training was to help the participants, all of whom were policy makers in their own countries, to understand the rules of the Kyoto Mechanism, and the role developing countries can take to promote the CDM project.
The training of this fiscal year, in which one policy maker in charge of the Kyoto Mechanism from each of 11 countries in Asia, Central and South America, Middle East and Africa was invited to participate, was held for 45 days, from June 11 (Wed) – Jul 25 (Fri), 2008, with the closing ceremony held on July 25. During the 45 days of training at ICETT, the training participants were able to exchange information regarding Kyoto Mechanism promotion in each of their countries. Also beneficial was the report presentation, as participants could relate their own experiences and elicit questions from participants from other countries. Before the lecture, they watched the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” by the former vice president of the United States of America, Mr. Al Gore. The knowledge gained visually through the movie complemented the participants’ understanding of the following lectures. In order to understand the method of the CDM project, a seminar was held in four groups under the theme of small hydro- and solar power generation, in which the participants came up with Project Information Notes (PIN), calculated Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and made PDD (Project Design Document). Many participants commented that by making the PDD, they were able to understand CDM.
After checking in to the ICETT, the training participants were received in Japanese homes on home stay or home visit programs. They built a good relationship by keeping in touch with their hosts during their stay, and were supported by them throughout their long training period. Some training participants who visited sightseeing spots in their free time showed their appreciation for the help they received from Japanese people wherever they went.
We would like to show our sincere appreciation to the many people including lecturers and host families. This training would not have been possible without their cooperation.