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Home > Outline of Japan's Industrial Pollution Abatement > Approaches to Air pollution Control (Case Study-1) Yokkaichi City, Mie prefecture > (2) Enactment of the Basic Law for Environmental Pollution Control (1967)

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Update:April 1, 2010

(2) Enactment of the Basic Law for Environmental Pollution Control (1967)

2.The Advance of Environmental Pollution Control Policy

In need of drastic measures for reducing problems associated with SO2 and other air pollutants, the national government established a globally-unique law prescribing fundamental principles of environmental pollution control the Basic Law for Environmental Pollution Control. Not directly providing practical requirements on regulation or administrative measures, the law has promoted the trend toward tighter pollution controls thereby encouraging local communities to enact various pollution control regulations.
Subsequently, in the same year, Mie Prefecture established Mie Prefecture Pollution Control Ordinance that imposed emission standards more stringent than the national standards.