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Home > Outline of Japan's Industrial Pollution Abatement > Approaches to Air pollution Control (Case Study-1) Yokkaichi City, Mie prefecture > (3) Pollution Control Agreement

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Update:April 1, 2010

(3) Pollution Control Agreement

4.Environmental Pollution Responses in Yokkaichi

For the protection of residents' living environment and the promotion of elaborate pollution control measures, the manufacturers affiliated to the petrochemical complex and other enterprises have successively concluded the pollution control agreements since 1968, Also in Yokkaichi, the Law for Prevention of Disasters at Petroleum Complex enacted in 1975 has encouraged an increasing number of industrial plants to conclude pollution control agreements.
For example, for pollution control held regularly by the chiefs of "jichikais" - neighborhood associations- and the executive members of plants affiliated to the petrochemical complex. In the meetings, the executives of companies report their operation plan of the petrochemical complex such as schedule of periodic shutdown or facility extensions to exchange ideas with local communities through the chief of "jichikai".