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Update:July 6, 2009

CTI side event

The Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) held a side event at the UNFCCC, SB30 meetings in Bonn, Germany on 5 June 2009, led by Mr. Elmer Holt, Chair of the CTI. The event entitled “Implementing & Accelerating Technology Transfer for the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy -- Lessons from the work of CTI and UNDP --” was well attended by over 40 participants from a broad range of stakeholders including national delegates, private sector, international organizations, and NGO representatives. Using a panel format, the event presented an overview of CTI’s recent work, an introduction by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) of the updated Handbook for Conducting a Technology Needs Assessment (TNA), and lessons learned in terms of successful ways to increase access to financing for the deployment of lower carbon technologies.
Mr. Holt opened the side event with an introduction and overview of the CTI, noting the important role the private sector plays in the enhancement of technology transfer activities. As such, the CTI has made the engagement of this key group a particular focus of its efforts. He welcomed that the debate and discussions on technology transfer within the UNFCCC process has shifted in recent years to consider not only the activities inside the Convention but also those outside the process where the majority of actual technology transfer occurs.
The complete summary of the side event and presentations are posted on the CTI website at the following address.
http://www.climatetech.net/news/WhatsNew.cfm?Page=1&NewsID=56285( External link )