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Update:March 15, 2010

CTI PFAN Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing Held in Bangkok

On March 4 (Thur.) 2010, the CTI PFAN Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing was held in Bangkok, Thailand, under the joint auspices of ICETT, the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI), and the USAID ECO-Asia Clean Development and Climate Program (ECO-Asia).
The Forum was designed to provide opportunities for clean energy project developers to meet potential investors who were interested in the clean energy field. It was attended by more than 170 participants such as project developers, investors, company staff, and government officials.
At the Forum, representatives of the ten short-listed projects, which had been prepared for this occasion, gave presentations on their project proposals to make appeals for investment. The presentations were conducted in a competition format, and four of the project proposals received an award for their excellence.
It has been argued that there are problems in the promotion of clean energy projects, such as a scarcity of opportunities for project developers to meet potential investors and the developers’ lack of fund-raising capacities – their failure to successfully present project proposals to investors. For that reason, a set of activities such as one-on-one coaching by financial experts for project developers and workshops involving the preparation of project proposals were carried out at the Forum in order to solve these problems.
As a result of the Forum, potential investors who attended it made a number of inquiries into the details of the projects, so these projects are expected to actually become reality in the future. (Asano)


Forum scenes


Presentation by project developer