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Update:June 14, 2011


  ICETT Exhibits at the Japan-China Green Expo 2011


20110613-2From June 1 to 3, the Japan-China Green Expo 2011 was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. ICETT exhibited at this event, promoting the importance of environmental conservation, the value of environmental technology transfer that ICETT has long committed itself to, as well as ICETT’s activities.


The Expo, hosted by economic organizations of the two countries, took place with the approval of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao after a visit by members of the Japanese Federation of Economic Organizations, including its chairman, in May 2010.


20110613-3The convention center, located near the Beijing National Stadium, also known as the “Bird's Nest”, is one of the buildings constructed to host the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and includes a large convention hall and a 22,000m2 event hall.


In the morning of the first day, there was a private viewing for VIPs following an opening ceremony. In the afternoon the Expo was opened to the public. The three-day event turned into a considerable success, pulling in quite a large number of visitors. As a whole, however, there were very few organizations among the exhibitors that, like ICETT, play a role in international environmental cooperation, while the majority of companies and organizations exhibited their eco-friendly products.


At the opening ceremony, the chairmen of the Japanese and Chinese economic organizations and officials of both Governments gave speeches, firmly stating that “Growth of eco-friendly industries is essential for the sustainable development of humanity.”


20110613-5ICETT exhibited panels, distributed brochures, and showed videos to promote the importance of environmental protection and improvement and had visitors learn about ICETT’s activities. Many visitors shared our feelings toward environmental conservation. As a result, this was a great success for ICETT, although it was the first time for our organization to exhibit at an overseas event.

 Visitors enjoyed a lot of environmental experiences, showing a great interest in paper chopsticks that ICETT had brought in for the occasion and saying that they wanted to import or produce the chopsticks in China since they are environment-friendly. (Ihashi)

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