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Update:July 21, 2009

IMAT students presentations on Environment studies in Mie

IMAT (International Material Flow Management Program) is a unique joint degree program between Japan and Germany. APU (Asia Pacific University), Beppu, Oita prefecture, Japan collaborates with the institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS), an innovative research institute of the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Germany. After 1year at APU, Japan and 1 year at IfaS, Germany, students can gain two Master degrees from the two Universities.
With the invitation of Mie prefecture and Yokkaichi city, fourteen students and lecturer visited Mie prefecture and stayed at ICETT for one week of January, 2009. (See the previous article posted again in this web for convenience)
IMAT Traveling University Presentaions were held at the site of APU on July 15th (Wednesday), 2009. IMAT students reported three presentations in front of Professor Heck, IfaS, APU faculties, Mie prefecture staffs, a Yokkaichi city staff and ICETT staffs. Presentations were proposals from the point of Environment Management including proposal to ICETT facilities. These presentations gave us good chance to get knowledge and information of Environment Management.
It was a pity for us to have no time to interact good old IMAT students. (MATSUOKA)