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Update:July 7, 2010


Pleasant and Memorable Experiences through Homestays and Home Visits
Participants, taking JICA-commissioned training courses on “Total Waste Management to Promote Recycling-Oriented Societies in Central and South America” and “Capacity Building for Policy Staff regarding the Kyoto Mechanisms”, made stays at or visits to their host families to closely experience Japanese lifestyles and culture.
They were warmly and cordially received by these families.
Some participants visited local attractions and historic sites such as Shisui-an (a tea ceremony house) and the Port Building in Yokkaichi, Tsubaki Okamiyashiro Shrine in Suzuka, and Rokka-en (an English-designed house) in Kuwana, and others attended barbeque parties. Besides, they not only learned how to fold pieces of paper into the shapes of objects, which is known as origami, but also developed a taste for Japanese food by eating sushi and soba (buckwheat noodles), though they were quite astonished at the hot flavor of wasabi (Japanese horseradish). After these experiences, they all happily came back to ICETT, saying “It was quite fun!” and ”I want to go there again some time!”, and delightedly showing their pictures to the ICETT staff.
We are truly grateful that they had opportunities to make more good memories thanks to the host families. We are scheduled to carry out the homestay and home visit program again. Please contact us for information on being a host family if you have interest in it. (Yada)

In front of brick warehouse

Okonomi-yaki (Japanese-style pancake) with host family

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