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For the future of the Earth

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Update:September 17, 2013

E-mail Magazine: Environmental Business Support Information News

ICETT has launched an e-mail magazine that summarizes information such as public supported project, environmental related law, and seminars, etc., which lead to promote environmental business, toward mainly to the companies and organizations in the Chubu area.

We are grateful if this e-mail magazine, supported by the cooperation of organizations in Chubu area, would be subscribed widely. 

 【Main Contents】

  • Environmental business information, such as subsidy, public appeal project and government support policy, etc.
  • Event of Environmental activity (e.g. Seminar information)
  • Information from companies and organizations

 【Application for delivering】

Click here to apply for the e-mail magazine (Link to registration form)

(We only use the registered e-mail address to deliver the e-mail magazine.)


Click here for inquiry (Link to inquiry form)