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Home > Information Dissemination and Awareness-raising > Fiscal Year 2009 > More than 800 people visited ICETT at Mie Kid's Eco Fair

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Update:July 21, 2009

More than 800 people visited ICETT at Mie Kid's Eco Fair

The 2009 Mie Prefectural Kid’s Eco Fair was held at the site of Suzuka Sanroku Research Park wherein ICETT locates on July 18th (Saturday) and 19th (Sunday). More than eight hundreds children and adults visited ICETT and enjoyed the guided ICETT tour, various environmental displays and amusing quiz. Based on the theme of ‘The environment study by yourself and the amusing quiz’, ICETT showed many panels and prepared several kinds of quiz. Some children watched intently environmental panels and videos. Some children were surprised to see the real big national flags, e.g. the triangular shape national flag (Nepal) or the only flag with differential emblems on its observe and reverse sides (Paraguay).
At the guided ICETT tour, children enjoyed the salute with the ICETT participants, playing the big Indonesian musical instrument ‘Angklung’, and touching large solar panels on the roof.
Children enjoyed ICETT displays and amusing quiz more than enough.
For all visitors, we thank you for your visiting ICETT.