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Update:December 20, 2017

FY2017 Seminar Held in Tianjin, China

On October 12 (Thur.) and 13 (Fri.), 2017, ICETT held a Yokkaichi-commissioned seminar in the City of Tianjin, China.


(Opening ceremony)

The seminar on water and ecological environment protection featured two subthemes: water pollution control and ecological protection in waters. On both of the two days, Chinese and Japanese experts made presentations regarding these themes in a large-scale seminar style. On the afternoon of the second day, there were a question-and-answer session and a free discussion, which created a lively atmosphere.


(A Japanese expert delivering a lecture)

There were four Japanese lecturers: Professor Tamiji Yamamoto from the Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University, Takayuki Tsuge, Director of the Aichi Prefecture Environment Department (Water and Ground Environment Division), Yoshimaru Koyama, Assistant Manager of the Yokkaichi City Environment Department (Environment Conservation Division), and Takashi Kanazu, Section Chief of the Yokkaichi City Environment Department (Environment Conservation Division, Pollution Control Section). The event was also attended by many Chinese officials from the Environment Protection Bureau of Tianjin and relevant organizations.


(A question-and-answer session)

Positive comments from the attendees included: “Thanks to the seminar, I learned not only about the research in Tianjin on water environment protection but also about an automatic water quality monitoring system in Yokkaichi and Japanese measures for environmental protection. I also came up with new ideas about my future research by comparing and studying eco-friendly actions taken by Tianjin and Yokkaichi.”, “I thought the standards for controlling water quality and the methods for monitoring and measuring water quality are quite useful because my work is deeply related to them.”, and “The lectures covered everything from ecology to monitoring, measuring, and controlling water quality.”. These comments show that it was a useful seminar, which will help improve the water environment in Tianjin.