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Home > International Cooperation > Fiscal Year 2020 > 【Report】 ICETT Environmental WEB Seminar: Promotion of Plastic Resource Recycling through Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration was implemented.

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Update:December 16, 2020

【Report】 ICETT Online Seminar: "Promotion of Plastic Resource Recycling through Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration" was successfully implemented.

Overview of the Seminar

International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT) organized an online seminar "Promotion of Plastic Resource Recycling through Industry-Government-Aacademina Collaboration" on November 27, 2020, in cooperation with  Central Japan Economic Federation, the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and local governments (Mie Prefecture, Yokkaichi City, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City and Gifu Prefecture). With growing intersts in prastic resource recycling, the seminar attracted more than 130 online participants, while a limited number of leaders from governmets and industry in the region were invited to the venue. The seminar was successully implemented, providing the participants with an opportunity to learn the most recent political measures for promoting plastic resource recycling in Japan, and progress in development of  technology for alternative materials to plastics.

Speach and Presentations at the Seminar

The seminar started with an honorable guest greeting by the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, insiting the necessity for accerelating technology development to enable plastic resource recycling, while expecting ICETT to take an initiative in it.

A leading expert from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry explained the most recent policy of Japanese government for promoting plastic resource recycling, while showing guidance towards industrial activivites compatible with the concept of cercular economy.

An expert of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology introduced the basic concept and progress of establising internaitonal standards for biomass plastics and biodegradable plasticis, enphasizing the importanc of standardization for promoting reliable materials alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastics.

Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. and Oji F-Tex Co., Ltd., which have been active in developing materials alternative to petroleum-based plastics, presented their state-of-art products, which are already available and introduced in society, and showed their expectation in expanding their business opportunity with those new materials.

 Feedbacks from the Participants

A many of favorable feedbacks were given in the post-seminar questionnaire, showing that the seminar provided the participants from various fields with an opprotunity to expand their knowledge and deepnen their insights towards plastics resource recycling in their respective activities. A number of participants provided the themes of interest and suggestions, which will be sincerely considered in planning of the next ICETT seminar.  

Greetings from Honorable Guests

the online presentation by a resource person

the online seminar with an attenance of supporting organizations

plastic-seminar-openingaddress plastic-seminar-aist-Mr.Kunioka plastic-seminar-presentation