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For the future of the Earth

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Update:July 27, 2012

FY2012 Global Environmental Workshop Starts


 On July 24 (Tues.), 2012, ICETT launched a Fiscal Year 2012 Global 地球環境塾2012-1
Environmental Workshop Program, commissioned by the City of Yokkaichi.
The one-week program on Yokkaichi pollution and environmental improvement is attended by Japanese high school students from the city, together with high school students from the city’s two sister cities, Tianjin in China and Long Beach in the United States.





  地球環境塾2012Since Yokkaichi marked the 40th anniversary of the court ruling in the Yokkaichi pollution lawsuit on July 24, the students learn about these pollution problems and efforts made in Yokkaichi to improve the environment from local residents involved in the lawsuit, workers of the companies that caused the pollution, and local government officials. They also make presentations at the Environment Summit in Yokkaichi about their ideas and views on what they can do as young people and members of the next generation to protect the future of the Earth. It is expected that they will later make full use of what they learn in the program in their own countries.



 These students are also expected to exchange information about environmental issues and social circumstances in the three countries to deepen their understanding of them, and boost friendships through cultural experiences. (Ozaki)