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Update:January 17, 2014

FY2013 Seminar Closes on Environmental Protection in Tianjin, China

On October 17 (Thur.) and 18 (Fri.), 2013, ICETT held a seminar on environmental assessments in Tianjin, China.

ICETT has also held an environmental protection seminar in Tianjin, as part of a Yokkaichi-commissioned program, every year since 2001.

This fiscal year’s theme was the theory and practice of environmental assessments. The event was supported by Japanese lecturers from the Graduate School of Bioresources, Mie University: Professor Kunio Sato, Professor Susumu Takayama, and Assistant Professor Ryoei Ito.

It was also attended by 40 Chinese experts from the Environment Protection Bureau of Tianjin, relevant organizations, and universities. At the round-table seminar, Japanese and Chinese lecturers made presentations mainly on environmental assessments regarding port development and agricultural waste, followed by an exchange of opinions and views and a question-and-answer session.

There were positive comments from the participants: “It was a good opportunity to learn that Tianjin and Yokkaichi both share positive attitudes toward environmental protection and I found the seminar valuable and useful for my future efforts.”, “Thanks to the seminar, I increased my awareness of the importance of environmental assessments.”, and “I learned a lot about a wide variety of environmental fields.”