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Update:March 14, 2014

Summary of the Energy Conservation Support Program for the Steel Re-rolling Industry in India

(This program is supported by the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program of Toyota Motor Corporation.)

ICETT currently implements an energy conservation support program in the steel re-rolling industry in Bhavnagar in the state of Gujarat, western India. As follows are the details of a workshop and a survey that took place in the Indian city at the end of April, 2013.


On April 27, 2013, ICETT held a workshop in Bhavnagar to promote energy saving improvements and invited to this event some guests from the Gujarat Pollution Control Board, the Steel Re-Rolling Association, and the municipal government. The workshop, attended by nearly 60 executives and engineers of local re-rolling mills, included presentations of the results of efforts to improve energy saving of heating furnaces at model mills, as well as explanations by Japanese experts about improvements in the re-rolling technology. Following that, representatives of these mills delivered their expectations for future improvements.

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Survey at local steel re-rolling mills

During this visit to India from April 27 to 29, a tour took place of a few steel re-rolling mills, either under construction or contemplating heating furnace upgrades, to examine how their implovement process of these furnaces had progressed. Since there is a growing demand in the city for modern energy-saving heating furnaces, it is expected that energy saving technology will be widely introduced there in the future. Various activities will be conducted to develop a system to promote energy conservation, while providing local mills with energy saving technical guidance. 

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