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For the future of the Earth

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Remember how your daily life links with environmental conservation!

In Japan, rapid economic growth caused serious environmental problems decades ago. But the problems were solved through cooperation of large numbers of people. It is ICETT that shares with many countries, especially developing countries, Japan's useful technology and experience in solving the environmental issues to conserve the global environment.

ICETT, short for International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer, was established in 1990 to conserve the global environment.

Environmental Problems and Daily Life

Why not check how daily life affects the global environment?

Convenient Goods

There are quite a lot of goods to make your daily life comfortable. Some of them are disposable!

Flood of Rubbish

As the economy grows, large numbers of goods are produced and then thrown away, increasing the amount of rubbish all over the world. Some of the garbage, which contains toxic substances, is difficult to dispose of. There are fewer and fewer places to bury it. So, something has to be done to prevent the Earth from being flooded with trash.


At home, there are a wide variety of electric appliances, such as televisions, lights, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Electricity is mostly generated by burning natural resources such as oil and coal.

Rise in Global Temperatures

Cars and factories emit a lot of carbon dioxide by burning oil or coal. This carbon dioxide contributes to a greenhouse effect, increasing the global temperatures. This phenomenon is called “global warming”. The rise in the temperatures leads to melting of ice at the South Pole and other polar regions, causing the rise in sea levels. Due to this, some countries or regions are expected to be submerged in the future. In addition, there is a higher possibility that the world will be confronted with more frequent abnormal weather and a spread of tropical diseases.


Quite a lot of water is used not only for drinking but also in our kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets. A lot more is used at factories.

Contamination of Oceans and Rivers

The oceans and rivers are being contaminated by wastewater from houses or factories. This causes harmful damage to plant and animal species, including humans, living in or near the sea or rivers.


Cars are used for going shopping, commuting, and travelling. The number of them has been increasing, but don't you have to worry about exhaust gas?

Air Pollution Causes Acid Rain

Smoke or exhaust gas from factories or cars pollutes the air, causing damage to the human health and the ecological system. In addition, air pollution brings about acid rain that can kill trees, or plants and animals living in places like lakes.

ICETT's Work

Take a look at ICETT's activities to conserve the environment!

ICETT carries out the following activities to transfer Japanese environmental technologies and methods to many countries, especially developing countries, so people all over the world can conserve the global environment together.


ICETT invites government officials and company engineers from developing countries to Japan and also sends lecturers to those countries so that the officials and engineers can learn about the Japanese laws and technologies necessary to protect the environment. After they have taken the training courses, those people make great efforts to conserve their own countries' environment.


ICETT, together with other companies, conducts surveys and researches useful technology to conserve the environment. For example, we examine the situation in developing countries to understand what environmental problems they have and what technology is necessary to solve them, and then we offer those solutions to them.

Promotion of Public Awareness

ICETT also plays an active role in teaching people about the importance of environmental protection. We hold or take part in events to promote awareness of environmental conservation and also publish brochures on ICETT's activities and efforts.

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