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For the future of the Earth

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Update:April 17, 2020

<Report> We've just launched the "Enterprise Database working on Environmental Business".

ICETT disseminates the specific "strengths" of the technologies and products of companies working on environmental businesses, and collects and provides these information as a database to support future expansion of environmental businesses in Japan and overseas.

 Since fiscal 2012, ICETT has been grasping the status of companies engaged in  environmental business, and then issuing corporate databases and technical seeds focusing on the environmental business in the Chubu region, once commissioned by the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry. Taking over this concept, ICETT has just reopened  the database with a new design and original management.

 We, ICETT will continue to provide information that will contribute to the expansion of environmental business in Japan and overseas.

Website of the "Enterprise Database Working on Environmental Business"

 Please visit https://icett-envbizdb.com/e/

 You can also access the website by clicking the banner "Environmental Business Database" on the right side of the top page of the ICETT website.