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Update:August 2, 2017

Questionnaire for the alumni

The International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT) would like to greet you on the occasion of the summer season, where we enjoy the dazzling greenery of the surrounding mountains. While we believe that each one of you continues enjoying the successful life and career, still we are glad to hear from you how you are doing.

Today, we would like to announce you that, upon the successful completion of the 25th anniversary of ICETT, we are conducting a questionnaire survey targeting the alumni who had participated in our training in the past.

Please read and acknowledge the following, and answer the questionnaire on the next page as much as you can. Once you filled your answers, please send back to icettnetwork@icett.or.jp for the survey.

Please contact us to any of the following if you have any questions.

Survey in-charges: Ayako OKUDA and Akiko KISE, ICETT Business Promotion Division (icettnetwork@icett.or.jp)

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.